Retinal Photography

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Have you ever been curious about what the back of you eyes look like?  At Coriell EyeCare, every patient gets the opportunity to see this part of the eye, called the retina.  We offer a service to all patients that allows them to see exactly what the back of  their eyes look like on a computer monitor when they receive a comprehensive eye exam. 

By photographing a patient's retina, we can make sure that no disease processes are beginning, such as glaucoma, macular degeneration or diabetic retinopathy.  Saving this photo as a part of the patient's digital record allows us to compare a patient's retina year after year to make sure no unhealthy changes have occurred.  In addition, we routinely send this image to a patient's primary care physician so that they too can view the patient's retinal health.

Do not us today to schedule your appointment to see a view of your own eye's that most cannot!

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